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Advanced Tools of Project Management

Manage all of your locations from one convenient interface with FacetTrak.

Fully Secure Web-Based System

If you know security, then you want to know some details. Rest assured that the ticket system has full SSL support, as well as:

  • Automatic data backups to prevent data loss
  • Physically secured servers that are hosted and supported locally
  • Built-in site security to prevent various attacks, such as XSS, injection, session attacks, etc.
  • Automatic maintenance of the latest updates and patches applied for you

Ticket Platform Features

  • Manage large projects that encompass multiple tickets related to the same overarching goal
  • Assign approved hours for each segment and view the breakdown of hours used versus hours projected
  • Organize vendor information to ensure that the approved vendors are used per project or per ticket

Built-In GPS Tracking For Technicians' Tablets

Knowing where your team members are, and whether they're running ahead of schedule (or behind), allows you to give accurate information to your clients.

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    Use Integrated Project Management Software to Keep Employees On Track

    integrated project management softwareIf you're a project manager or oversee the way employees choose and complete tasks, having some kind of integrated project management software might be incredibly useful to you and become one of your key tools of project management. Integrated project management software like FacetTrak can help you improve productivity if it's related to poor time or task management and reduce an employee's ability to choose the easiest tasks first from project lists. This software is ideal for business owners or for managers who oversee service-based companies, whether that's construction, repair services, IT personnel, etc., as it can help streamline a helpdesk ticketing system or work well with work ticket software. It may also help employees multitask more efficiently, using overviews and color-coded systems, which increases their level of productivity as well. 

    Other Than Software, How Can Productivity Be Increased in the Workplace? 
    Creating an environment where employees feel engaged and like an active part of the company is important. Gallup ran a survey in 2013 that showed that 70% of American workers feel either disengaged or "actively disengaged" while they're at work. However, over 70% of employees who do feel actively engaged have a strong belief in positively impacting customer service, which benefits the company. 

    Keeping employee relationships cordial and conflicts at a minimum can also increase productivity. Indeed, between 60-80% of problems within organizations come from issues with employee relationships and the average workplace manager actually spends a quarter or more or their time dealing with these types of conflicts. 

    Technology like an automated voicemail system might also help increase productivity, reducing the amount of time that employees and customers alike are on hold. Generally, we cumulatively spend about 900 million hours on hold every year. And software, like integrated project management software or helpdesk ticketing system software. 

    How Does Integrated Project Management Software Help? 
    The best process management software helps create a timeline for projects and tasks that need to be completed, keeps track of your resources, and offers status updates to help you better oversee the project. It can help connect a lot of loose ends and make your whole methodology more streamlined. 

    This type of software can also improve communication between team members, divvy out tasks in a logical manner, and help prioritize tasks that need to get done, using milestones, project hierarchies, and timelines. 

    You may also be able to easily draw up reports (progress, overview, expense, and other custom reports) for your team or executives to review, using this kind of software. 

    Improve productivity and employee engagement with software like FacetTrak. With its help, you can manage in-house staff and service tracking in a much simpler and more efficient way.